Top 5 Reasons You Should Install Security Screens on Your Windows in Melbourne Australia

Top 5 Reasons You Should Install Security Screens on Your Windows in 2021

Is your home secure from prowlers and burglars? Burglars don’t just break into homes through vulnerable entrance ways, windows lacking protection will leave your home vulnerable to a break-in too. With break-ins unfortunately on the rise in Australia, more households are upgrading their home security features. A home burglary takes place roughly every three minutes in Australia and 75% of thieves take less than five minutes to gain access to a property. Most burglaries are opportunistic, with thieves looking for easy-to-target homes that lack proper security features. Installing quality security screens on your windows will help to keep your home safe from a break-in.

Top 5 Reasons You Should Install Security Screens on Your Windows in Melbourne Australia

Fly mesh window screens have been a common feature of many Australian homes for a long time. Basic fly screen mesh will protect your home from flies, but not much more! Quality security screens are a far better option in terms of longevity, strength, and versatility. Basic fly mesh is often made from polyester or fiberglass and will easily warp or tear and discolor over a short amount of time, even with gentle use. There are many reasons to install proper security screens on your windows, ranging from the added home protection to the safety features that will help to protect your household in the event of an emergency, to the advantages of being able to enjoy natural ventilation through your home.

While improving your home security is a really important reason to install security screens on your windows, it’s certainly not the only reason! Here are our top five reasons why you should consider installing quality security screens on your windows:

5 Reasons Why You Need Security Screens:

#1 Superior home protection

The main reason to install security screens on your windows is to protect your home, family members and treasured possessions. Burglars don’t just target your main entranceway when they attempt to break into your home, if you have unsecured windows on your ground floor these will potentially make your home vulnerable to a break-in. Quality security screens and grilles will protect your home by deterring thieves from a break-in attempt as well as physically preventing forced entry from occurring. Always purchase an Australian Standards approved screen to ensure a premium product that has been tested for durability and strength. The Australian Standards tests include a range of break-in simulations to ensure the screen can withstand being pried open or slashed apart with a tool or forced inward. All Jim’s Security Door security screens have passed or exceeded the Australian Standards tests so you can feel confident that your security screen will keep your household safe from thieves.

An additional feature to consider when installing security screens is whether you want one-way/privacy/DVA mesh to restrict the vision of someone looking into your home from the outside. Privacy mesh is available in two thicknesses and allows occupants to see who is outside their windows without allowing a prowler to see in. This is an important safety feature as it gives the occupant the advantage and peace of mind being able to see who is approaching the home without allowing the visitor to have visual access into the home.

#2 Paw proof and durable screens for pet lovers

If you’re a pet owner, you probably know the annoyance of having your furry friend jump up on a window or door or scratch at the screen to get your attention. A basic fly screen is, unfortunately, no match for an enthusiastic dog or cat as it is made from cheap materials and is designed to keep tiny flies out, rather than withstand heavy paws or sharp claws. Aside from the nuisance of having to replace fly mesh, there is also the risk that with a compromised fly screen, your pet will be able to escape. Security mesh is a great long-lasting solution for pet-loving households that want to protect their furry friends and are sick of replacing broken, torn, or warped fly mesh.

#3 Enjoy natural ventilation through your home without compromising your safety

Imagine being able to leave your windows open on a warm summer night without worrying about attracting thieves or prowlers or putting your personal safety at risk. With security screens, you can save on air-conditioning costs and ventilate your home naturally without worrying about compromising your home security. Regularly ventilating your home naturally with fresh air will help to prevent mould, as well as being beneficial to your health. Studies have shown that being exposed to fresh air can help your body to digest food more effectively, as well as improving blood pressure and heart rate and boosting your immune system. While fly screens will allow you to enjoy fresh air through your home, they are not secure against intruders. With a security screen, you can feel confident ventilating your home with fresh air without worrying about being unsafe in your own home.

#4 Child safe screens for multi-story homes

If you live in a multi-story home, the building code of Australia now has strict restrictions around installing opening windows on upper levels to protect your household from anyone falling from an upper level. Upper-level windows are generally required to be fitted with window restricting devices to prevent the window from being opened further than 125mm. However, the good news is that if you have installed approved security screens on your windows restrictors are not necessary, which means you will be able to open your windows fully and enjoy fresh air through your home, without creating a fall risk.

Flyscreens are absolutely inadequate to stop a child from falling through a window. Always install a safety screen that meets or exceeds Australian standards to ensure your upper-level windows are safe for children.

#5 Security screens are designed with fire safety features

If you live in a bushfire-prone area, it’s important to ensure your home is fitted with safety features to protect your household in the event of a fire. Jim’s Security Doors offer marine-grade mesh as well as perforated aluminum security screens that are both rated BAL-29, indicating they are designed to withstand fire conditions and radiant heat. By contrast, typical fly mesh screens cannot protect you in the event of a fire and some are actually made from flammable materials which could potentially accelerate a fire.

A further safety feature that ScreenGuard security screens can offer is a unique built-in locking system to allow you to escape from inside your house in the event of a fire or other emergency. The ScreenGuard Access Fire Escape System is designed with a simple quick-release latch system that is simple for every household member to access to allow for a fast and easy escape opportunity. If you are looking for Security Doors Dandenong . We also in Dandenong and around the area

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